How to open IWI files

Please, read the updated version here:

I made a simple application that is able to open IWI files. The IWI file type is used in Call of Duty series to store textures and images. So if you need to view and edit textures, you can use this tool. But be careful, current release supports only IWI version 8 files (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2) and check twice before you replace any of the textures in game (and make a backup!). I didn’t have time to figure out some IWI specifications, so you have to find it out yourself (when you open an IWI file, right click on the file then select “Edit header”, you’ll see fields from Unknown 1 to Unknown 6, these may be some attributes used ingame or in “level designer”, I don’t know). So if you would like to replace a texture, be sure to copy these “Unknown” attributes to the new file and once again, make a backup of replaced files or the whole IWD archive! or don’t replace any files at all, because I don’t take any responsibility if you mess up your game!

IWI Viewer requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) (You may already have this package installed (check in Control Panel))

By clicking on “Download” link you agree that the author, Matej Tomcik, is not responsible for any damage that can be caused by using this application in proper or unproper way.


PS: If you need to open IWI files which are different than version 8, let me know (leave me a comment or send me a message) and I will try to implement the functionality for the version you need or make an utility to convert IWI to DDS, BMP, PNG, whatever… (it’s pretty easy)



  1. zial, neotvori to COD4 IWI subory 😦

    [19.05.2012 22:02:29] AT LINE 1076 INSIDE MatejTomcik::CIWIFile::LoadHeader
    {D:\Projects\cod4\mods\openwarfaretest\images2\allies_custom_logo.iwi} Unsupported version: 6

    [19.05.2012 22:02:31] AT LINE 1076 INSIDE MatejTomcik::CIWIFile::LoadHeader
    {D:\Projects\cod4\mods\openwarfaretest\images2\axis_custom_logo.iwi} Unsupported version: 6

    • COD4 používa staršiu verziu IWI, verziu 6, tú som zatiaľ nerozoberal, ale zoženiem si COD4 a urobím na to program tiež. Na čo to potrebuješ, len na otvorenie tých IWI alebo potrebuješ aj nejaké IWI vytvoriť/upraviť?

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