How to extract images from Call of Duty – UPDATE !

Please, read the updated version here:

With IWI Extractor you will be able to extract images from Call of Duty and convert images into PND,DDS (DirectDraw Surface),JPEG or BMP. This application will also allow you to convert IWI images to different version (currently supported versions: 5,6,8)

Download IWI Extractor first then install it. You will need .Net framework 2.0 already installed on your PC (note that .Net 2.0 is very common, you may already have this package installed). You may see a warning concerning about iwiextractor_setup.exe, that this application is not commonly downloaded and may harm your computer. Well, you will be one of the few people who downloaded it so it’s not a very common application.

Run IWI Extractor, you will see this window:

You can open IWI files (IWI images) or IWD archives. On the left side you can see a list of opened files. The right side serves as a preview of currently selected IWI image. If you choose to open IWD/IWI files from folder, you will get an option as seen on the second picture. You have to either select a folder to search for IWD/IWI files in or you can select a game to search in. Any Call of Duty game that has been properly installed on your computer should be visible in the selection box.

IWI Extractor will then search in the selected folder looking for either IWI or IWD files. Note that this operation can take a long time if you left the “Search recursively” option checked and you selected a folder with too many subfolders, like the whole Program Files folder or C:\ root, it can take a very long time. Then a window (see picture #3) will open to let you choose which files you want to open. It will list all IWD/IWI files it found.

Once you open files you can click on them, this will generate a preview in the right panel (see picture #4). In the bottom corner there’s an information about image version and type.

In the bottom left corner there is a filter and it works only if you have all the IWD archives in the tree expanded, it’s a bug…

To extract and convert IWI images, check images in the left panel you wish to convert, then click Convert in the menu and select output format (PNG, JPEG, BMP, DDS). A window will open with options for the extraction (see picture #5).

To output images into a folder on your PC, select “Directory” and choose a folder. To put all converted images into a single ZIP file, select “Zip” and choose output filename. To create a separate ZIP file for every IWD archive, check the “Create separate ZIP for every IWD archive” option and choose a folder to place these ZIP files to. Then you can specify whether to keep full file paths (images inside IWD archives are stored under images/ path). If you are converting to JPEG format, you can set the JPEG quality (note that JPEG and BMP will loose transparency).

If you are looking for a command line tool, you can download an older version. You can download it here. This command line tool requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) (You may already have this package installed (check in Control Panel)).